KPS Pets OU, an Estonian-based company, is a passionate advocate for innovation, sustainability, and happiness in every pet owner's home. With a firm belief that sustainability alone is not enough, we strive to create products that are equally practical and convenient for both pets and their owners.

At KPS Pets, we understand the deep love and bond that exists between humans and their furry companions. This understanding fuels our commitment to go above and beyond in providing pet owners with the very best products and solutions. Our team of dedicated experts consistently work towards bringing forth groundbreaking ideas and designs that enhance the overall pet ownership experience. Our innovative approach ensures that every product we create is not only eco-friendly but also meets the diverse needs and preferences of both pets and their owners. In today's rapidly evolving world, we recognize the importance of sustainability and actively pursue it in all aspects of our business. Through meticulous research and development, we have successfully integrated sustainable practices into our manufacturing processes, materials sourcing, and packaging.

We firmly believe that making a positive impact on the environment should not come at the expense of practicality and convenience. VOLKOS products seamlessly blend sustainability with functionality, ensuring that pet owners can enjoy the best of both worlds. Our unwavering dedication to delighting pet owners with our products has earned us a trusted reputation in the industry. We take pride in the feedback we receive from our satisfied customers, who appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that goes into every item bearing the VOLKOS name.

As we continue on our mission to transform the lives of pets and their owners, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Experience the joy and satisfaction of embracing sustainability, innovation, and happiness with VOLKOS– where every pet owner's home thrives with love and well-being.